Children and Smash Cake Sessions
Pick The In-Studio Photography Package That's Right For You...
  •  -Includes 60 Minutes Session
  •  -Includes One Child
  •  -Includes Six Poses
  •  -Includes Six Digitals
  •  -One 8X10 Print  Edited
  •  -One 5X7 Print  Edited
  •  -Two Change Of Clothes
  •  -Two Backdrop Set
  •  -Extra pictures can be purchased separately.
Children/Smash Cake
  •    -Includes 90 Minutes Session
  •  -Includes Child With Parents
  •    -Includes Ten Poses
  •  -Includes Ten Digitals
  •  -One 8X10 Print Edited
  •  -One 5X7 Print Edited
  •    -Two Change of Clothes
  •  -Two Backdrop Set
  •  -Decoration Theme
  •  -Includes Smash Cake
  •  -Extra pictures can be purchased separately.
Children Milestone
  •  -Includes Three Sessions 
  •  (Two Sitters And Smash Cake)
  •  -One Child With Their Parents
  •  -Includes 22 Poses in Total
  •  -Includes 22 Digitals
  •  -Three 8X10 Prints Edited
  •  -Three 5X7 Prints Edited
  •  -Six Changes of Clothes
  •  -Six Backdrop Set
  •  -Extra pictures can be purchased separately.
Prices above do not include taxes.
When should I schedule a session? 
At least 2 weeks before the time your want to take your pictures. This gives us time to discuss the theme/colors for your child's session. If you are looking for a Saturday or a specific day, time, and theme, we recommend 8 weeks before. This will give us the time necessary to make sure we have all of the prop needed for your session.

Do you provide the props and clothing for the sessions?
 Yes, in most cases we do, Smash cake and milestone packages include props and clothing, We also provide the decoration and even the cake. We have lots of girls-tutu's. dresses, oneness, rompers, jeans, suspenders, hats, crowns, necklaces, and more. But you are more than welcome to bring your own too.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Most orders take around 2 to 3 weeks in total, but typically within a week of your session, We will delivery your photos for you to choose the ones you want, and another week for editing them. If you select them right away it will take between 2-3 weeks for you to receive your fully edited photos. 

Can I incorporate special props, accessories, clothes, toy etc to my child's session?
Yes please! This will make your session unique to you and your family. We'll discuss props after you fill out your questionnaire once you've scheduled your photography session.

What if my child doesn't eat the cake?
This does happen. Some children love the cake smash and dig right in. Others are hesitant to eat it. I recommend making a cupcake or small cake and introducing the Cake Smash idea before (a few days/weeks before) our photography session date. This way, your child will be familiar with the process and will know that they can smash the cake. Also, bring (or have on hand) puffs or cheerios so we can stuff them into the cake. Your child will want to grab them out of the cake and eat it!

Can I order more pictures later?
Yes, you can. We can only guarantee holding images for 30 days. However, we store and back up our images so we can usually can go back quite some time to find image files.

Do you do milk baths for children?
Yes we do, we use organic milk, warm water, and natural flowers (if the subject is a girl) during the milk bath session.

What if I have twins or triples. Is there a fee for more children in the session?
Yes, for any extra child in your session will be an extra fee of $20. Photography 2018 -  All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy Contact Us
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