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These Packages Make Great Gifts For Your Friends and Family!
Maternity Silver
Only $29
  •  30-Minutes Session {Value: $25}
  •  Includes One Person {Value: $25}
  •  One Pose Edited {Value: $25}
  • Includes One 5X7 Print {Value: $30}
  • Includes One 8X10 Print {Value: $42}
Maternity Diamond
Only $99
  •  60-Minutes Session {Value: $50}
  •  Includes Two People {Value: $50}
  •  Two Poses Edited {Value: $50}
  •   Includes One 5X7 Print {Value: $30}
  •  Includes One 8X10 Print {Value: $42}
  •  Includes Your Choice Of One Of Our Beautiful Gowns {Value: $50}
  •  1 FREE Digital Image To Share On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, And More!
  •  1 FREE Extra Backdrop Set! If request
  •  4 FREE Wallets!

But That's Not All!
...Because We Have Even More Options For You To Choose From...
Maternity Ruby
  •  60-Minutes Glamour Session
  •  Includes Four People
  •  Five Poses Edited
  •  Up to One Gown
  •   Includes Two 5X7 Prints 
  •  Includes One 8X10 Prints
  •   Includes Eight Wallets
  •  Includes One Digital Image Low Resolution
Maternity Sapphire
  •  90-Minutes Glamour Session
  •  Includes Five People
  •  Eigth Poses Edited
  •  Up to Two Gowns
  •   Includes One 5X7 Prints
  •  Includes One 8X10 Prints
  •  Includes One 11X14 Prints
  •   Includes Four Wallets
  •  Includes 8 Digital Image High Resolution
Maternity Pearl
  •  180-Minutes Glamour Session
  •  Includes All Members In Your Family
  •  Fiftheen Poses Edited
  •  Up to Three Gowns
  •   Includes One 5X7 Prints 
  •  Includes One 8X10 Prints
  •  Includes One 11X14 Print
  •  Includes One 16x20 Print
  •   Includes Four Wallets
  •  Includes  15 Digital Images High Resolution
  •  Photo Copyright Release Of All Images
     Location Our Of Your Selecioon (15 Miles Around Our Long Beach Studio)
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