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Russell and Diana de la Peña
"Ambitiously Lazy" Serial Entrepreneurs
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“My ‘Ambitiously Lazy’ Wholesale Real Estate Sales Funnel Websites That Get Me Motivated Sellers And Buyers On Autopilot ...Without Risking My Money
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Russell de la Peña

Founder of
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
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"How To Clone Successful Real Estate Sales Funnels In Less Than 10 Minutes!"
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"How To Get Unlimited Amounts Of Buyers And Sellers That Want To Work With YOU!" 
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***This free webinar will not be free forever, get it now before we list it for sale.
If you've been looking for a way to get more investment properties to invest in, more wholesale real estate to flip to cash buyers, or to buy and keep foreclosures for yourself for the long-haul, this free, and content-rich webinar is for you. But it's only available for a very limited time, before we start charging for this information, so register now while it's still free.

Discover how you can invest "virtually" from anywhere you want, capture seller and buyer leads on autopilot, and buy or sell property just by sending out a few emails.

The truth is, gone are the days of the "old school, flat website." Today, we use automated sales and marketing funnels that do the lion share of your work for you, so you can enjoy your life again. Even if you're not "techy" at all, this free webinar will show you how you can use technology that works for you to capture, nurture, and convince buyers and sellers in your area to work with you.

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